1. Providing managerial assistance for Crisis Ridden corporates and companies in order to overcome its impacts

As a crisis management consultancy, we will assist companies and firms to overcome different types of crises, which can be dangerous as it can cause years of hard work to fade away. We will protect the chairman and owners from harassment and threats that may come from various parties such as invertors, trade union rackets and troublemakers.

2. Negative impact tackling in social media:

In our digital era, trends in social media sets the standard by which the laymen lead their lives and are considered to be incredibly influential. Given its importance, keeping up a reputation and presence online is absolutely inexorable. It is this reputation that we seek to keep untarnished by potential competitors who try to do so. We will constantly monitor these types of attacks and tackle them at their roots, using our modern techniques and contacts.

3. Digital marketing using social media, email, WhatsApp & SMS etc.

We can generate leads to market product /services using adaptive social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, twitter & LinkedIn. We will use WhatsApp messages, Email and SMS Blasters for marketing purposes. We can also make and manage sponsored Ads and articles for clients in various platforms.

4. Social media promotions for personal profiles and products & services

50% percent of the money invested goes into up keeping social media platforms as opposed to conventional methods. We are notably experienced in the respective field and can definitely help build your brand and sustain an online presence.

5. Product photo-shoots and catalog designing

Our team comprises of professionals in media, especially when it comes to photography and videography; Graphic designers, content writers, photo-shoot models and anchors will be made accessible to you. Hence, we can easily make catalogs, videos and sales material for our clients.

6. Conventional media and Public Relations

As our founders rose from a Journalistic background. We can be expected to manage public relations, and operations in conventional media like Tv-channels, Newspapers/ Magazines and FM radio channels with ease. Our influence is in the field is another sword our clients can rely on.

7. Website creation and maintenance

We can create and manage professional websites for our clients using up-to-date methods and even link payment gateways. The websites are guaranteed to not be short of anything and can easily be customized by contacting us.

8. Background verification of employees.

Employees are the backbone of every company and so background checks have become a norm in terms of admitting new employees. Our services include a thorough background check of every employee under our client’s company. We will look into their history and even watch out for criminal records, which will then be briefed to you by our experts.

9. Helping acquire new branches in PAN India.

We will help our clients acquire or setup new branches across PAN India. We will identify ideal locations, negotiate with landlords and assist while interior designing and acquiring legal compliances.

10. Revenue sharing basis promotions and profile building for celebrities

Celebrities can use their Stardom to bring in a flow of cash; we have platforms that make money by using their ability to attract fans and followers. We use tailor fit techniques to monetize the viewership and reach models and celebrities provide through a revenue sharing method without any investment.