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UDARNIK CRISIS Management Consultancy PVT LTD

UDARNIK is a digital agency comprising creative enthusiasts with an exceptional technical background. We help brands achieve business outcomes through marketing strategies based on deep analytics and the customer’s journeys. We create 360-degree campaigns that connect the targeted audience through both online and offline means. Building and growing web systems, applications and e-commerce platforms that propel your business forward is our cup of tea.

UDARNIK the social media manager is a subsidiary of “UDARNIK CRISIS MANAGEMENT CONSULTENCY PVT LTD”, the word “UDARNIK” originates from Russian roots meaning “the Ultimate fighter, who only returns with positive results”. This easily reflects the work we do here, in terms of hard work and sheer determination. It takes a certain amount of daring to be able to change the world, and we have got just that.

We bring to the table a team of crisis management experts who with their outstanding skills, matchless experience and agility can not only anticipate but tackle challenging situations like a professional. Any defamatory remarks, trolls or even negative stories that come to our attention will be responded to proactively and will in turn garner a positive traction, thus turning the tables. Our Crisis Management capabilities include: Threat assessments, Proactive Planning, Drafting Q&A for public dissemination, Press Conferences, Broadcast and Print Media training, Onsite support, Social media monitoring and response, Reputation management.

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Meet Our Team


Founder &ManagingDirector

One of the Leading special investigative journalist in India, he was Ex-Tehelka.com and Narada.com, Founded UDARNIK CRISIS MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCY PVT LTD.


Senior General Manager

A Multi-talented Technologist, adept with Project management and team leading skills. ANIL, was heading the Project management at IT sector, before taking on the role of the Senior General Manager at UDARNIK.IN. He holds M.Tech (Computer science and Engg) from VTU, and has 5 years of technology experience.


Digital Marketing Associate.

Have one year experience in Digital media promotions, good knowledge & unique talent on ad creation and promoting products in online platforms.


Video Editor

Ambadi kannan has been working as video editor for the past 2 years.ambadikannan has been able to showcase his talents in the field of video and bring every change in his style to the video editing.


Digital Marketing Executive Head

For the past 2 year, MIDHUN has making his presence felt in digital marketing to bring his own innovative ideas in the online business sector and to bring his talents to others.


Senior Special Wing Manager

He has been working in the media for the last 8 years. He was able to showcase his own way of working in the media and makes his own identity.


Customer Relation Manager

Our bonding with the customers driven by Monisha.


Social Media Promoter

He has been working as a social media promoter for the past one year. In a very short time, he was able to make his own identity on social media.

Sukesh Imam

Content Creator

One of the senior Journalists in Kerala.Who has armed the pen, which has made words like a flame? The media has been in the colour full ness for the past 15 years. He's not afraid of the shadows on the way. Through his pen, he was able to make silence a great voice and to awaken still meditation with motion.

What We Do

We believe that the work we do must have a real impact in the online world, as well as the conventional marketplace. Be it Digital Strategy and Marketing, Websites, Mobile Applications or even the Internet of all things, we blend creativity and technology to provide the best possible outcomes to take your business forward.


Brand Strategy
Creative Strategy
Content Strategy
Digital Strategy


Responsive Web Design
User Interface Design
Experience Design
Visual & Brand Design


Mobile Applications
System Integration
Marketing Automation


Online Advertising
E-mail Marketing
Social Media
Search Engine Optimisation

Data & Analytics

Conversion Optimisation
Data Mining

Our Strength

We are currently running 3 online news portals in the Malayalam medium. We are working towards opening up more news portals in other languages as well in the near future.

Our running portals are:-